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Why Hire a Certified Master Inspector?

BASIS Inspections is proud to serve greater Tulsa and Northeastern Oklahoma. Basis Inspections performs home inspections in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and the surrounding areas.

BASIS offers quality, reliable home inspections you can count on. We specialize in real estate home inspections. No extra services, no add-on’s, just the best home inspections with the best reports available, period. We are also the first in this area to offer Infrared Inspections.

We are also certified and trained by the International Association of Certified Inspectors, the world’s largest nonprofit association of residential and commercial property inspectors. InterNACHI provides its members with accredited training and education, expert advice and peer support. All this is to help us serve you, by providing us with the highest-quality inspections for your largest investments.


Tulsa, OK & Surrounding Areas

Buying a home can be very stressful especially if you aren’t seeing the full scope of any potential problems. Make sure you have our licensed inspector check out your new home before making the purchase. We will give you a detailed inspection report with images that explain everything you need to know about the house. Contact BASIS Inspections to schedule your next Pre-Purchase Home Inspection.


Tulsa, OK & Surrounding Areas

If you want to be prepared for everything when selling your home, make sure you have an inspection done prior to the sale. A Pre-Sale Home Inspection helps any potential buyer know how serious you are about the upkeep of your house. Imagine having a detailed inspection report on the kitchen counter for your potential buyers when they come to see your home. Don’t take any chances post-sale, have an inspection done beforehand. Leave it to Basis Inspections for your next Pre-Sale Home Inspection.


Tulsa, OK & Surrounding Areas

When building a home, it’s important to run inspections on the construction as the home is being built. If you need the electrical units or foundation inspected, we got you covered. Once the drywall goes up, there are a lot of hidden components that can’t easily be checked. It is important to be sure the building process is going smoothly as your new home develops. Contact BASIS Inspections to perform your next New Construction Inspection.

Are you needing a pre-purchase inspection for a home you are buying? A pre-listing inspection for a home you are selling? Maybe an in-process inspection for a home you are having custom-built, or you just want to be sure that your current home is safe and not in need of some minor maintenance points that could lead to serious damage and expense? For any need, BASIS Inspections will provide you with courteous and expedient home inspections of the highest caliber. Contact BASIS Inspections to provide your next Home Inspection Service.


Tulsa, OK & Surrounding Areas

If you are thinking about starting a new business or checking on the status of your current one, take some time to have us perform a commercial inspection on your building or structure. Your business is in good hands knowing that the building is operating efficiently. Whether it’s knowing what temperature to keep a thermostat or making sure the electricity isn’t overused, we can help! Contact BASIS Inspections to schedule your next Commercial Inspection.


Tulsa, OK & Surrounding Areas

Have our certified professional inspector check for mold problems. Mold is a serious issue for your health and you must take certain precautions when dealing with it. We will not only detect the mold problem but also be able to find the source that created it. Mold can’t always be seen easily, so having a home inspector check for it can be life-saving. Leave it to Basis Inspections for your next Mold Inspection.


Tulsa, OK & Surrounding Areas

Our inspectors are highly trained in thermography or thermal imaging. We have the technology to see things that other inspectors may miss if they don’t have the equipment available. Thermal imaging during an inspection allows our inspector to detect heat levels and potential water damage within your walls. Make sure your next inspector has the correct tools to do the most comprehensive home inspection possible. Contact BASIS Inspections to perform your next Thermal Imaging.

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