Toilets and Showerheads – There are some great ways to conserve water within your home and this can be done with both toilets and efficient showerheads. To start, low-flow showerheads can be found in stores and vary in the amount of water that they allow over a given period of time.

​Furthermore, many also have a pause button that stops the water whenever it isn’t needed. Similarly, there are also low-flow toilets that allow you to save around 12,000 gallons of water every single year. Since toilets take up around 40% of the water used in the average home, switching to a 1.6-gallon low-flow model could be a very good move.

Sticking with the theme of toilets, you will also find vacuum-assist models that suck the water down using a vacuum chamber. When in action, waste will be disposed of quickly and freshwater will replace it within seconds. Finally, we have dual-flush toilets as an alternative. For many years, this type of toilet has been used in much of Europe and Australia but it has taken a little longer to make headway in the US. Depending on waste, these systems allow you to choose between a light and heavy flush. If you combine this with a low-flow toilet, you could make huge savings. 

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