Many of us have to work hard to make our yards into the beautiful landscaped piece of paradise we’re looking for. How frustrating it is, then, to have it attacked by some type of wildlife. Though we have nothing against the extensive range of beautiful animals and wildlife in our area, it can be another matter when they are messing up our property. So, what are some ways that we can control wildlife from entering and causing damage to our yards or homes? While it seems like the obvious choice to spray the area with chemical to get rid of the pest, there are other ways of controlling wildlife on your property without the need for this. What are a few, simple things that can be done?

In order to discourage a rodent, animal or insect, it’s necessary to first identify what type of creature is causing the damage. This way, you can research what types of things repel it. Think, also, about what is drawing it to your property. Most of the time, it is because there is a good source of food or shelter. Identify what food source might be attracting this particular sort of species and try to eliminate the source. This may mean that you cannot use certain types of plants and shrubs for your landscaping that appeal to the pest.

Another option to try is to place some type of barrier that keeps wildlife out. If a barrier doesn’t work, what about some type of repellent around the area? These don’t always have to be of a chemical nature but can also be a visual type of repellent or even a noise that frightens them.

If all these approaches fail, there may be no other option but to capture the animals and relocate them to another area. It’s good to consult with your local wildlife or animal control agent first though, depending on the type of wildlife problem you have. Although there are ways to control unwanted wildlife on your property, it might be good to ask yourself how much damage are they really doing? then determine if it’s even worth the effort.

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