If you drink wine, you’ve seen cork. But it can be used for more than just stopping up a bottle of booze. Cork is an incredible material. It’s comes from the bark of specific types of oak trees and is a highly sustainable product. Outside of wine, it’s commonly used as a flooring product.

Cork flooring can be used anywhere in the home, but many like to use it in the kitchen. There are some obvious benefits. Due to its elasticity, it’s great for standing on for extended periods of time, like when you’re cooking. That also makes it great for areas where breakable objects frequently get dropped… like when you’re cooking.

But there are some drawbacks. As it is a natural product that is typically lightly treated, it is susceptible to things like exposure. Light will yellow it. So, over time, areas that you like to cover with rugs or furniture will not be the same color as the rest of the floor. And it’s cork, if you stick sharp stuff in it, like heels, claws, knives or cork screws, it’s going to damage it in at that’s not easily repaired.

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