Buyer’s Home Inspection

The purpose of a professional home inspection is to help the client manage his or her risk. While no single inspection can discover every unknown factor in a home, a licensed professional home inspector can identify many problems an individual buyer, or seller may overlook… more

Seller’s Home Inspection

A professional Seller’s, or Pre-listing, home inspection’s main goal is to help you manage your risk. I am trained to identify and sort through the multitude of major systems and components of a home, and report on them. Knowing the functional status of your home before it is time to negotiate a contract…more

New Construction Inspection

If you are buying a newly built or custom built home, having an inspection before closing is essential. A New Construction Inspection will determine whether all the systems and components of your new home are operating as intended and notify you of any health or safety issues. If any problems exist, you can require the builder to make repairs or corrections before you take possession.


A Re-Inspection is another valuable service offered by BASIS. If you choose, BASIS will do a follow-up inspection after the seller has made the repairs required by the initial inspection. I will return to the home to confirm that any items that were to be corrected or repaired have been completed in a proper, professional manner and are functioning properly.

Compare Inspections

This table differentiates between a General Home Inspection, EMP and Structural inspections. A General Home Inspection by BASIS gives you more information and security about the condition of your home than an EMP and Structural combined…more