As our aging loved ones get older they are in need of extra care, but not necessarily would want the upheaval of moving their residence. This is described as ‘aging in place’. This term refers to the desire of aging ones and their families to adjust their current residence to cater to growing needs dealing with care and conveniences. While there are many different ways to help them with these needs, appliances may be a good place to start. Here are some tips;

  • Location of the microwave oven should be in an easy to reach location. On the countertop or above the oven, may be a convenient location.
  • The refrigerator and freezer are side by side and not on top of each other. This would eliminate unnecessary reaching or crouching.
  • Side swing ovens are much easier than an oven door that opens towards the floor. Alternatively, an oven mounted on the wall may also make it easier to reach.
  • Stoves that are electric and have level burners will help the user to transfer items without difficulty. Also, controls that are easy to read and located on the front can draw the heat away from the user.
  • Front-loading washers and dryers make it much easier than top-loading ones.

These are just some ideas to help our aging loved ones ‘age in place’ and make it easier while they use their appliances.

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