A home inspection is one of (if not the most) important step in a real estate transaction. Having a thorough, detailed, and top-notch home inspection is critical to protecting your investment and to ensure the safety of you and your family. But a thorough inspection would mean nothing without a great inspection report. Why do we say that?

A home inspection is really only as good as the report that comes afterward. A home inspector needs to clearly outline their findings for their client, and make sure that their client understands the issue – and not just the inspector. For example, imagine that the home inspector finds a serious structural issue, but the issue is in a spot that is not easy to get to, and most people (even contractors) would not recognize the issue if they saw it. Great! A good inspector will find issues like that. But if the home inspector does not clearly describe where the issue is, or clearly “flag” it as a serious issue and the home buyer just moves in – then there is a problem.

A home inspection report is a roadmap to your home. It is a powerful negotiating tool and needs to be clear, accurate, and easy to read. Please feel free to contact us to see a sample of one of our home inspection reports.

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