IR Home Performance Assessment

You will receive a ‘whole-house’ Infrared Inspection starting with an interior IR assessment of each room inside of the house.

We show and document for you the good and the bad results pertaining to cold air intrusion and moisture related locations, as well as any other IR observable interior anomalies. Also, the exterior of the building enclosure, the outside surfaces, will be scanned for heat loss locations. Refer to Figures 1, 2, and 3.

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We also take the extra time during the interior and exterior scans to assess any possibilities of water or moisture damage, and these conditions will be documented if they occur in your home as well. Water damage to ceilings, interior and exterior walls, plumbing chases, doors and windows are all detectable with infrared scanning. Refer to Figures 3 and 4.

And, the roof is assessed thermally as well. We can show you where your possible water issues are occurring, where excessive heat loss is, where ice damming will occur and if a construction defect is evident.

And, we go one step further. We provide you with Infrared Images of the air leakage occurring in your home for documentation. You can ‘see’ our results! We use Infrared technology to locate the air infiltration, not smoke pencils or the back of the hand feeling for air leaks.

These five factors makes up your IR Home Performance Assessment. Your Infrared Report will summarize all aspects of your home’s thermal performance issues and recommend necessary corrections. So, to sum up here are the three home components you will have surveyed in your IR Home Performance Assessment:

  • A complete building enclosure IR scan, showing interior and exterior views.
  • Investigation and documentation of any condensation or water issues.
  • Roof Scan
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