A shockingly good deterrent, electric fences can help keep animals and people from going into unwanted areas. Electric fences are made up a few primary components:

  • Conductor – this is basically the wire that shocks you if you’re not careful
  • Post – holds up the wire
  • Energizer – this is the power source that provides electricity through the wire
  • Ground –  a rod that goes into the ground near the energizer to complete the electrical circuit

But they truly are intended as a deterrent. A single incident will teach most animals to stay away. People can usually determine it is electric and stay away. However, this deterrent can be dangerous. A common issue with electrical fences is that they are inadvertently overpowered. This can cause injury or even death. Setting the right power is critical to preventing injury. DIY solutions should be avoided if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even commercial solutions need to be carefully and properly set up. Lightning is another main cause of failure. The best option here is to disconnect the system before a storm.

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