Over the years we have found out more about the harmful effects of lead, especially for those most at risk, unborn babies, babies and small children. So, if you live in an older home, 40 years or more, or are about to purchase an older home, what are some things you should be aware of regarding lead?

Where might lead be found in an older home? Lead can be found in piping which could possibly affect your households drinking water. Lead is also found in old paint which, in an older home, would have been used both outside and inside, you might even find it in the soil surrounding the home from paint that has chipped.

When it becomes a cause for concern. As lead paint deteriorates it will start to chip or turn to dust, this then covers the home with lead dust. This is when it becomes a problem especially for small children who are much more likely touch and inhale this dust as they play and climb. Even if you do not have an older home but enjoy antique furniture, you could still have problems with lead paint which was used on the furniture. This is something we might not always think about.

So, as we can see, there are times when lead in a home becomes a big problem and that’s when it is starting to deteriorate. It is best, in this case, to have the problem taken care of professionally. It is important that you choose someone qualified and experienced in lead removal.

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