We have all likely heard the terms manufactured and modular used in conjunction with a house, but sometimes the terms ‘modular’ and ‘manufactured’ are used interchangeably when it doesn’t really make sense. 

Of course, some modular homes are manufactured and this could be the source of confusion for many. Furthermore, the classic ‘site-build’ houses we have seen for so long are no longer considered better than modular homes although there is still a little stigma attached. 

Recently, there have been numerous cases where the realtors have mistakenly suggested that manufactured homes are modular homes and the buyers were left in the cold as to the difference. Whether it is a buyer, seller, or inspector who makes a living from assessing homes, the difference between the two can be vital knowledge. 

 A modular home is a home built in a factory or warehouse and then put together on-site in pieces. Many homes that are multi-million dollar homes are built this way and is a great home building process.

Manufactured homes on the other hand are basically what used to be called “mobile homes” or “trailers. The value and types of homes in these two names are very different, so it is important to know tha difference.

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