DIY asbestos repair is highly discouraged, as the materials can be very dangerous if not properly handled. If you insist on doing minor repairs, then you must be equipped with well-detailed information on proper handling of asbestos. For asbestos training programs, consult your local /state health department or local EPA offices. Even after a training scheme, don’t go beyond minor repairs yet. Before you begin the minor repairs, ensure the area surrounding the damaged spot is stable. As a rule of thumb; a damaged area larger than your palm size is not regarded as minor.

You must carefully adhere to the precautions as it concerns asbestos sampling. Ensure the asbestos is wetted with fine water and a little detergent. There are products made to seal damaged spots and fill holes. A little portion of material like pipe insulation may be closed by using a special material (like re-wettable glass fabric) to wrap around it. You may obtain these materials from retail outlets that deal on asbestos materials and other safety items. 

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