There are many jobs around your home that require the use of a ladder. Everyone knows how to use a ladder, right? Well, while climbing a ladder might seem like a fairly mindless task, climbing a ladder the right way is not a simple thing. Falls from ladders cause multiple deaths and injuries every year, and sometimes the ladders that were being used were very short. So what should you consider to avoid getting hurt while using a ladder?

It is very important to avoid reaching out too far from the ladder. Often accidents happen because the homeowner tried to save time by not having to climb down and move the ladder. It is always a better idea to go down and move it over. You should also make sure to plant the ladder securely on level ground. If you have to work on a slanted surface, use a ladder that is made for this.

Always keep at least three points of contact with your ladder. At times, this might require you to get some type of safety harness for working with both hands.

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