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Pre-Listing or sellers home inspections are not as well known as the buyer’s inspection but they are the same! Yes, it is true; I do the exact same inspection for the seller as I would do for the buyer. The only difference is the timing and timing in this case is peace of mind.

When the seller has an inspection done before the house hits the market, he’s armed with the knowledge of everything that’s right about the house, and also everything that’s wrong. He can make arrangements to repair what needs it, and move forward with the confidence that nothing scary will emerge during the buyer’s inspection.

The pre-listing inspection can be used in two ways: it can allow the seller an opportunity to address and correct an issue before the home is listed and it can provide insight on how to more accurately and fairly price a house to be sold. The pre-listing inspection can then be included as part of the offering package as evidence of the due-diligence performed in determining the listing price. Knowing what the problems with a house are and setting a listing price accordingly can help to reduce or even eliminate the need for renegotiation headaches. Remember, the problems are going to come to light regardless as the buyer will be performing their own home inspection. The question is whether the buyer’s inspection highlights new revelations that can possibly turn a deal upside-down, or if it reveals old news that the seller has known about since before the house was put on the market and has already disclosed, or little-to-no news if a seller has already addressed any major issues present.

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“David was very professional and thorough. I’ve had other home inspections that were a waste of money. This time, I felt I got my dollar’s worth. He has the experience and the right equipment to inspire confidence. I found him on Angie’s list and the previous comments moved me to call him. I’d use him again and recommend him to others.”

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