The problem with a blocked sewage line is that it is hard to know what the cause is unless you have access to a snake with a camera on it. In most cases, a blocked sewage line will lead to major issues in your home, usually involving backed up toilets and contaminated water leaking into your living area. So what could be the cause? One common problem is roots in your sewage system. To prevent this from happening in the first place, it might be an idea to get rid of any trees that are in the area above your main sewage line, but this is not always enough. Tree roots can make their way far away from the trunk and find their way into a crack or seam in the pipes. Once tree roots make it in, they can quickly expand the opening they found to allow better access and releasing more sewage water into the ground. Once there is enough of a mass in the pipe to cause it to back up, it will be difficult to get your sewage running again without digging up the whole area. Cutting back the roots inside the pipe will just give you a temporary reprieve since they soon will regrow and cause trouble again.

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