There are many different parts to a home that need caring for, and you as a homeowner might sometimes feel like you are being pulled too many different directions at once. A common issue with some homes that have outdoor masonry work is that aging masonry work starts crumbling and falling apart. This is very regrettable, especially if it has been there for a long time, adding beauty to the home.

So what is the reason for this happening? While there can be a wide range of issues that cause masonry work to deteriorate, water is usually the main culprit. Water can make it into the most minuscule cracks in the masonry, and then as the temperature changes, it will contract and expand, causing these cracks to grow over time. It starts very small, but can soon be devastating.

To protect your masonry work, you need to periodically apply a clear coat to prevent water intrusion. You also need to have proper grading funneling water away from the masonry work.

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