Have you ever had a home inspection performed and the inspector damages something on your property? You would logically conclude that it’s the home inspectors’ fault and require some kind of compensation, however, this might not always be the case. Why do we say that?

While some unfortunate accidents do occur such as smashing a decorative item etc. we are talking about the kind of damage to a home that would result from the inspection itself. For example, if the inspector is going about a routine inspection and finds that a switch breaks after simply turning it on, then this is a defect with the switch and not a result of the home inspector’s carelessness. This would have broken whoever used it. Remember, the home inspector might be accessing areas that haven’t been used in years, this means that due to deterioration of the property, just touching something could cause it to break or fall apart. Its good to ask yourself “would this have happened to anyone performing the same, normal task?” If it would, then this is not the fault of the inspector.

To think of it another way, by finding issues like this, the home inspector is doing you a favor. This is because if they didn’t find it, someone in the household would, and perhaps cause themselves harm. It could also save you a lot of money. So, before assuming the home inspector was just being careless, if some damage occurs, its good to analyze the situation first and think about whether it would’ve happened anyway

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