At first glimpse a kitchen may look in good shape, however, looks can be deceiving and this is why as home inspectors we take our time when inspecting a kitchen.  Here are a few areas you need to check in a kitchen if you are currently house hunting as they will, not only tell you the condition of the kitchen but also give you an idea as to the state of the rest of the home.

Electrical outlets are one area that you will want to check to make sure they all work properly.

Gas ovens are another area with the potential for problems.  If the kitchen has one, do you smell any gas odors in the area of the oven? If you do it’s important to find out the reason.

The kitchen sink and surrounding area are very important areas to check.  You could start by turning on the faucet to see how good the water pressure is.  If it is low, you should find out why.  The same can be said if water takes a long time to drain from the sink.  Look underneath the sink and cabinets, do they show signs of water damage.  If so, there may be a water leak.

Dishwashers are another area that could be hiding major issues.  If it is possible, try to check the dishwasher’s hoses and seals for signs of cracking or other damage.  If water has been leaking from the dishwasher it may have caused problems such as mold or even rotting of the subfloor. 

Kitchen countertops may be a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria if they are cracked or damaged or if tile grout has deteriorated.  It is often better to replace them if this is the case but make sure you include that in your budget.

When looking around for a potential new home, don’t be afraid to delve a little deeper to see what the kitchen may be hiding.

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