Are you concerned about the presence of lead in your home? If your home is older that 40 years, then you may have some cause for concern. In more recent years, the bad effects of lead being used in a home’s construction have come to light, with those most at risk being small children, babies and even unborn babies. What are some things to look out for when it comes to lead risks?

One area where lead is found in an older home is paint. This can be found both in exterior paint as well as interior, you might even find traces of lead in the soil surrounding your home. When this paint becomes damaged and starts to deteriorate, you could find problematic lead dust or lead paint chips. This is especially hazardous for small children who like to touch everything and could easily inhale either the dust or even the paints chips.

Lead can also be found in the homes piping system which means that lead could be found in the homes drinking water.

If you are someone who enjoys antique furniture, you might want to be aware of lead issues with this. Again, if the item is very old, it could contain lead paint and produce the same ill effects as that found in other lead paint used in the home. This is something worth checking especially with small children in the home.

So, from this very brief consideration, we can see that there are certain areas of a home that should be checked out to make sure that, if they do contain lead, they do not pose a health risk to the homes occupants.

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